Notice of Proposed JAHA Rule Change Regarding Late Registrations

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Mar 15 2023 at 11:24AM PDT in Winter 2023

Hello JAHA,

The board has recently voted on an addition to the text to JAHA Rule A.2 regarding late registration. The rule text as voted on reads as follows:

“If a team has fewer players than it began the season with, the team may recruit players outside the tier to join the team. This player would be charged a season fee prorated for any games already played, and not assessed any late fee. This player addition must be approved by the tier representative before registration can occur.”

Some explanation on this rule change is ahead. We as a board walk a fine line between trying to offer proper incentives for players to register on time, and ensuring that teams have a reasonable number of skaters after the season has begun. Players who register late present a large administrative burden on both our registrar and tier representative, so we want to be as encouraging as possible to get players signed up on time. We also want to make sure that it isn’t cost-prohibitive for players who have a legitimately good reason for wanting to register once the season has begun. It’s that second part that we are trying to address with this rule addition.

We are planning to continue to look at our late registration rules and we would request that if you have any feedback on changes that you might like to see to these rules to submit them to us directly at The board will be revisiting this rule change after the 10-day comment period (starting after this email has been sent out), and may be proposing additional changes or modifications to this rule that would be sent out for additional comments.

Thank you,

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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