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Teams and schedules for the winter season have been uploaded! You should have received an invite via email to join your team. If you didn’t, you still likely have an invite waiting for you on Teampages. To find it first sign in, click the inbox icon at the top of the screen, and then select “notifications”. If you don’t have any pending team invites for a tier you should be in, or have an invite from a tier you shouldn’t be in, reach out to us at Additionally, if you notice any issues with the schedule let us know as well.

See below for a list of other updates or things you should be aware of in no particular order:

1) We will be leaving registration open for AB, women’s, Intro to hockey, and D tier for a while longer as there is still a large amount of space in those tiers. However, the c40 tier is full at this point.

2) Due to the continuing referee shortage, JAHA is offering financial incentives for players who are looking to referee. Any new referees that sign up will receive a $100 rebate on their JAHA registration fee upon refereeing their 5th JAHA game for the winter season. Any level 2 or 3 referee who referees a game will receive a $10 rebate per game up to a $100 cap. If you are interested in signing up as a referee, please reach out to JHO at

3) We currently have an empty board position. Rick Driscoll has resigned from the board as a member at large and we are looking to fill his position. He has served on the JAHA board for the last 8 years and I’m sure it isn’t the last that we’ll see of him at the rink. Thanks Rick for all of your work as a board member! If you are interested in a seat on the JAHA board and serving the rest of Rick’s term, please email us at The board will be voting on this issue at our board meeting next Tuesday, so get your name in before then.

4) We are looking for someone to coach our intro to hockey program (ice times will begin at the start of February). If this is something that you would be interested in, please reach out to us!

That should do it for updates, looking forward to seeing you all on the ice!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.

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Tier Announcement

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association at Dec 28, 2021 10:34AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hi All,

After some deliberation we have decided to again combine C tier and 40+, as well as combining tiers A and B. If you want any changes made to your registration, please reach out to us at in the next 2 days as we are beginning to assemble teams.


-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President

Hello all,

Given the number of people who missed the deadline or had issues registering, we have opened registration back up until Wednesday Night (12/22). For those of you who missed the deadline, please take advantage of the next day and a half and get signed up!

For those of you who ran into the “we are temporarily unable to validate your USA hockey number”, please try the following fixes.

1) selecting any other variants of your name that exist under the “person” menu, or selecting the “new skater” option.
2) switching devices/browsers.

Almost every person who has had this issue has been able to circumvent it with one of these 2 fixes. If you are still unable to get your USA hockey number verified, please reach out to us with your USA hockey number and the tier you would like to play in at

As of right now, we are very close to have enough skaters to have regular tiers across the board, though we will reserve making any final decisions until registration closes as there are still quite a few people waiting to register.

Thanks, and get signed up!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President

HI All,

As I’m sure a rather large handful of you are aware, we’ve run into some issues getting players USA hockey numbers verified. The specific error was “we are temporarily unavailable to verify the USA hockey confirmation number. Please try again later.” However even after multiple days this error wouldn’t resolve.

So far, two workarounds have been found:

1) selecting any other variants of your name that exist under the “person” menu, or selecting the “new skater” option.
2) switching devices/browsers.

If you ran into this error, would you mind providing me with the following information

1) Which one of these steps did you take to remedy your issue? If you found another way, let us know
2) If you switched devices, what device did and didn’t work (i.e. pc didn’t work, but phone did)
3) if you switched browsers, what browser worked and what didn’t (i.e. internet explorer worked but chrome didn’t)
4) Any other info you think might be relevant.

I’d like to provide feedback to Active about this and have workarounds ready for next fall’s registration.


-Andrew Dimond, JAHA president.

Hi All,

For those of you who haven’t yet registered for winter season, please be aware that we have set the deadline for registration as the 19th of December.

This is the cutoff we use for determining how many teams will exist in each tier. This is also when we will make the determination for if we need to combine tiers again like fall season, and generate our schedules for the rink and officials.

Please keep this date in mind and sign up before then if you want to guarantee yourself a spot in the tier(s) of your choice and reach out to us at if you have any questions.

See you on the ice!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA president.