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'17 Fall JAHA Reminders & Thanks

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Sep 8, 2017 2:08PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The season has begun, the soreness is just starting to subside from those first games, and our sleep patterns are rapidly changing. Things are going as expected for the beginning of fall!

A few thank you’s, reminders, and housekeeping items will complete the season kickoff, so here we go:

  • SPONSORS: A huge thank you to all the businesses who have sponsored JAHA jerseys! Using sponsored jerseys helps JAHA keep registration fees low by avoiding costs associated with buying, maintaining, laundering, and storing jerseys. Big shout outs to – in no particular order – ISLAND PUB, ALASKA AIRLINES, LOUIE’S, SEARHC, KENSINGTON, CARPENTERS LOCAL 1281, SHAW DENTAL, COUER ALASKA, HECLA GREENS CREEK, JOE GELDHOF (10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION), RICK DRISCOLL (DRISCOLL’S DUGOUT), BILL CAMPBELL (DOUGLAS WHALERS). Thanks to these businesses and individuals, Tiers A and B are completely sponsored and we are working our way toward fully sponsoring all other tiers. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SPONSORING A TEAM OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE? Before buying a set of jerseys, shoot us an email and we’ll work with you on colors, recommended quantities and sizes, and custom jersey sources.
  • GIVE US A PIECE OF YOUR MIND: We can take it, I promise. We need to know how we can improve your experience because if we don’t know, we simply can’t fix it. Please take a few minutes to take a very brief survey here so we can make JAHA better for YOU:
  • DON’T FREAK OUT, YO: Your tier representatives spend a lot of their personal time trying to create teams that balance competitive parity with honoring player requests. Most of the time, everything works out great, but we’re all human and sometimes there needs to be an adjustment here and there. Within the first two weeks of the season, tier representatives and team representatives will meet to discuss potential player moves to try to balance out teams if things look off. They will work to ensure players don’t miss out on games that they would have gotten to play if they hadn’t been moved. If you are identified as a player who may be moved, your tier or team representative will get in touch with you to let you know.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T THE R-E-F-E-R-E-E’S: They are there to officiate the game according to JAHA and USA Hockey rules, maintain order, and ensure everyone’s safety. If a penalty is called on you, head directly to the penalty box. If you disagree with a call, wait until immediately after the game and calmly bring it up with the ref or ask your team rep to do so. If you cannot do this and/or still disagree, please contact JAHA and we can get in touch with the Juneau Hockey Officials (JHO) board on your behalf. Any abuse of officials, including swearing – even if not directed at a specific person – can result in at least a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and can escalate to a game misconduct, which carries an automatic one game suspension imposed by USA Hockey.
  • INTRO/TIER D: If you know someone who is interested in hockey, JAHA waives the late fee for those new to the association, so encourage them to join. There is plenty of room and their registration fee will be prorated for the number of games left in the season. If they sign up for both Intro and Tier D, they will get a $20 discount on top of everything else – help us get more people on the ice!
  • YOU CAN STINK AT THE RINK, BUT PLEASE DON’T DRINK AT THE RINK: We can’t stress it enough – the rule against possession/consumption of alcohol inside the rink is a City & Borough of Juneau rule, not a JAHA rule. Savikko Park, the park that Treadwell Arena is located in, does allow for open alcohol containers. So if you would like to enjoy an adult beverage after a game, you may legally do so in the park area immediately outside the rink as long as you are not in a roadway.
  • JAHA RULES: You should already be familiar with USA Hockey rules , but you also need to know that JAHA has its own supplemental rules and be familiar with them as well. If a JAHA rule calls for a suspension or ban, this is in addition to any penalties assessed under the USA Hockey rules.

Thank you all for being a part of JAHA and contributing to the awesome community of adult hockey players here in the capital city! We appreciate each and every one of you skating with us. See you on the ice!

— Commissioner Soza

Register for 2017-2018 Seasons

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Jul 23, 2017 6:38PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

It might be too early to think about playing hockey, but it’s not too late to register!

The fall season starts on September 3rd this year. We will be offering: 40+, Women’s, and Coed Tiers A, B, and C like last year, but we are bring Tier D back in combination with an expanded 6-session coached Intro to Hockey session in the fall. If you know anyone who’s been thinking about playing for the first, if they sign up for both the Intro to Hockey and Tier D, they will get a $20 discount for a total package price of $295.

Normal registration fees are $240 per skater, per tier or $80 per goalie, per tier from now until August 18th. After that, the registration climbs to $315 for skaters and $155 for goalies and space on a team with your friends is not guaranteed.

Click here and follow the instructions to get going.

See you in September!

JAHA March Madness

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Mar 18, 2017 6:28PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Attention JAHA players,


It’s been an exciting season with a bunch of end-of-season ties and very close rankings. Nice work all!

The first playoff games have been scheduled and we will attempt to update the schedule as games are won and lost, but you can always refer to the playoff schedule linked here.

(If you’re wondering why the site has tied teams ranked one way and the scheduled games have it another – JAHA rules have “head-to-head wins” as the first tie breaker, which is different from how the site breaks ties. So if two teams are tied, we look at who won more games between those two games and that team becomes the higher seeded team.)


  • JERSEYS: If you have JAHA jerseys (Tier W and 40) and your team is eliminated, be sure to leave your jersey with your team representative or make sure it makes it back to a JAHA board member. If you’re going to miss games where your team faces elimination, it’s best to leave your jersey with someone just in case. Thanks in advance for helping us out with this.
  • RULES: Playoff hockey means OT and shootouts! Remember, overtime periods are 5 minute run time and are sudden death – the first goal scored in the OT period wins. If it remains a tie, we go to a shootout. A NEW rule for this season is that after everyone on your team has attempted a shot, anyone on your team may take any number of consecutive shot attempts until a winner is declared! Be familiar with all the rules by clicking here.
  • PLAY SMART: Competition can get us all worked up, but be sure to keep cool, play smart, keep your head up and your stick down. If you’re called for a penalty, go straight to the box. If you have a question about the call, calmly ask a ref about it between periods or after the game OR let a JAHA board member know.
  • BANQUET: The end-of-the-season banquet is scheduled for the evening of April 14th at the Red Dog Saloon! Remember, this is where you vote for your JAHA board members. This year, the following positions are up: President, Secretary, Member-at-Large A, and all tier representative positions. If you are interested in serving the JAHA membership, this is a great way to do it! If you’d like to know more about the responsibilities and desired qualifications for each of the positions, you can find descriptions in the JAHA bylaws and if you’re interested in running, please send an email indicating which position you’d like to run for and a short description of how you meet the minimum qualifications or responsibilities, as applicable, to

That’s all!

Have fun out there and we’ll see you on the ice.

— Commissioner Soza

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Treadwell Arena Adult Hockey Clinic

Posted by Thomas McKenzie at Mar 16, 2017 1:39PM PDT

No experience necessary & all abilities welcome

$45.00 for 3 sessions, $15(per) early sign up, $20(per) day of.

March 25th 2:45-3:45pm
March 26th 1:30-2:30pm
April 1st 5:15-6:15pm

Forms/Flyer attached.
Sign up online at Etrak

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2017 JAHA Douglas Island Cup

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Mar 14, 2017 8:33PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

JAHA Players,


We launched the inaugural JAHA Douglas Island Cup Adult Hockey Tournament last year and we’re looking to do it again, but with a couple of twists: it will happen in August this year and it will be 3-on-3 with individual signups!

Fishing will be hot, tourism destinations will be hoppin’, and it will be warm(er) – all things we hope will attract players from far and wide to our great city and make this the most fun and open tournament in Alaska.

We need your help. Do you know people who would come to Juneau to play hockey? Do you have connections to rinks and/or adult hockey associations outside of Juneau? If so, please send them the attached flyer and encourage them to print and distribute to anyone who might have an interest.

We are looking at some very Alaskan options for our banquet, like whale watching or zip lining through the rain forest, and we are hoping to arrange discounted airfare and lodging rates as well. It will be awesome.

As more information firms up, like prizes, registration dates, and so on, it will be posted right here on

Stay tuned and spread the word – thanks in advance!

— Commissioner Soza

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