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Hello JAHA,

Our election has concluded and we have the results! Below are the results from the 2023 election:

Andrew DImond: 89 votes 97.80%
Aaron Surma: 1 vote 1.10%
Jason Elledge: 1 vote 1.10%

Andrew Dimond wins the President seat.

Member at Large A:
Michelle Drummond: 48 votes 55.81%
Tyler Ferrin: 21 votes 24.42%
Eric Moots: 17 votes 19.77%

Michelle Drummond wins the Member at Large A seat.

Ana Enge: 89 votes 100.00%

Ana Enge wins the Secretary seat.

Tier A Representative:
Zane Chapman: 85 votes 97.70%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.15%
Jason Elledge: 1 vote 1.15%

Zane Chapman wins the Tier A rep. seat.

Tier B Representative:
Amelia Hanrahan: 84 votes 98.82%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Amelia Hanrahan wins the Tier B seat.

Tier C Representative:
Jonathan Dale: 83 votes 98.81%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.19%

Jonathan Dale wins the Tier C rep. seat.

Tier D Representative:
Nathan Ploof: 84 votes 98.82%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Nathan Ploof wins the Tier D rep. seat.

Tier 35+ Representative:
Chris Coutu: 82 votes 97.62%
Claire Baldwin: 1 vote 1.19%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.19%

Chris Coutu wins the Tier 35+ rep. seat.

Tier Womens Representative:
Katherine Cornelius: 81 votes 95.29%
Myria Shakespeare: 3 votes 3.54%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Katherine Cornelius wins the Tier women rep. seat.

Approval of Bylaw Modification:

Yes – I APPROVE: 88 votes 97.78%
No – I REJECT: 2 votes 2.22%

The bylaw modification is approvated.

Your 2023-2024 Board of directors are as follows:
President – Andrew Dimond
Vice President – Matthew Reece
Member at large A – Michelle Drummond
Member at large B – Aaron Surma
Registrar – Thomas McKenzie
Treasurer – Adam Bryan
Secretary – Ana Enge
Tier A Rep – Zane Chapman
Tier B Rep – Amelia Hanrahan
Tier C Rep – Jon Dale
Tier D Rep – Nathan Ploof
Tier W Rep – Katherine Cornelius
Tier 35+ Rep – Chris Coutu

Thank you to everyone who ran, and to those of you who actually scrolled all the way to the bottom of this update!

We look forward to bringing you another great season of hockey starting next fall!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.

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JAHA Board of Directors Election Update

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Apr 27, 2023 3:12PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello all,

You should have received an email from ElectionBuddy inviting you to vote on the JAHA board of directors and bylaw amendment if you were an active JAHA member this season (fall/jamboree/winter seasons). The election will be open from now until next Thursday at noon. We will also have a laptop set up to help anyone who needs assistance to vote at the banquet this weekend.

I wanted to highlight one small clarification. The subject line of the email indicates it is a test ballot. However, the text in the email indicates that it’s the real ballot. The subject is incorrect, it is the real ballot. So please vote!

If you did not receive this email, and believe you should have, please reach out to us at Please note you are only eligible to vote if you were an active JAHA member this season


-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.

There is still icetime available tomorrow during the 2:45, 4:00, 5:15 and 6:30 sessions of iceageddon. This is your last chance of the year to get on the ice. you can sign up through treadwell arena’s page –

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Elections, Banquet, and Iceageddon Update!

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Apr 12, 2023 1:44PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello JAHA,

I have a handful of updates to share regarding elections, our yearly end-of-season banquet, and Iceageddon!


We are looking to solicit nominations for the following JAHA board seats that will be up for election this year. If you are interested in running, or would like to nominate another JAHA member, please email us at We will be hosting elections electronically again this year, however we will ensure there is an option to vote at the banquet, for those of you would prefer to do it there. The positions that are up for election this year are the following:

Member At Large A
Tier A Rep
Tier B Rep
Tier C Rep
Tier D Rep
Tier 40+ Rep
Tier Women’s Rep


The banquet will be held at the Red Dog Saloon on Saturday April 29th. It will start at 6:30pm and will be catered. Hockey themed cocktails will be served at the no host bar. Additionally, we will have pint glasses to hand out for all winning teams from both the fall and winter season. We hope you can attend!


JAHA will be co-sponsoring Iceageddon this year in partnership with the rink! For those who aren’t familiar, Iceageddon is a string of ice times back to back to back throughout the day in which people can sign up for to play 5-on-5 pickup hockey with (or against) their friends. It will be held on the 22nd of April with ice times starting at 12:15pm and the last skate ending at 7:30pm. We will also be setting up a hang out area in the pavilion next to the rink to socialize. To sign up, use the following link and navigate to the “Treadwell arena” tab and then select “Treadwell programs”. Note that each session is limited to 20 skaters, and 2 goalies. So coordinate with your friends and get signed up!

Thank you all for the great season, and we hope to see you at the rink/banquet!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.

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Championship Sunday is tomorrow!

Posted by JAHA Webmaster at Apr 8, 2023 10:21PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello JAHA,

Tomorrow is the conclusion of our winter season and will have championship games starting at 4pm tomorrow! The schedule for the games is as follows:

4:00pm – C tier
5:15pm – D tier
6:30pm- 40+
7:45pm- A tier
9:00pm- Women’s Tier
10:15pm- B tier

Come on down and cheer on your friends! Please stay tuned for a banquet, elections, and iceageddon update coming later this week!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.