Winter '17 Kickoff

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Jan 07 2017 at 05:24PM PST in Winter 2017

JAHA Members,

Hope everyone had a great holiday break and a very happy New Years.

The Winter 2017 JAHA season begins tomorrow and as usual, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome one. Your JAHA Board has been hard at work over the holidays putting the schedule and teams together, getting jerseys cleaned and organized, and making sure all the accounting is done, so if you happen to see your tier rep, secretary, vice president, registrar, or treasurer, be sure to give them an extra thanks!

As always, there are some thank you’s, reminders, and notices as we head into the new season:

  • SPONSORED JERSEYS: A huge thank you to all the businesses who have sponsored JAHA jerseys! Using sponsored jerseys helps JAHA keep registration fees low by avoiding costs associated with buying, maintaining, laundering, and storing jerseys. Big shout outs to ISLAND PUB, SVENSSON BOATWORKS, ALASKA AIRLINES, LOUIE’S, SEARHC, KENSINGTON, CARPENTERS LOCAL 1281, SHAW DENTAL, THUNDER MOUNTAIN DRYWALL, and our newest sponsor, COEUR ALASKA. Thanks to these businesses, Tiers A and B are completely sponsored and Tier C is close. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SPONSORING A TEAM OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE? Before buying a set of jerseys, shoot us an email and we’ll work with you on colors, recommended quantities and sizes, and custom jersey sources.
  • JAHA RULES: You should already be familiar with USA Hockey rules , but you also need to know that JAHA has its own supplemental rules and be familiar with them as well. If a JAHA rule calls for a suspension or ban, this is in addition to any penalties assessed under the USA Hockey rules.
  • RULE CHANGES: The JAHA Board will be amending the JAHA rules this season to change playoff shootout rules so that after a team has gone through their bench once, with everyone having taken a shot, the team can choose any player to shoot in subsequent rounds and there are no requirements to change players for each round. DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR A RULE ADDITION OR CHANGE? If so, let us know!
  • NO ALCOHOL IN THE RINK: We can’t stress it enough – the rule against possession/consumption of alcohol inside the rink is a City & Borough of Juneau rule, not a JAHA rule. Savikko Park, the park that Treadwell Arena is located in, does allow for open alcohol containers. So if you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a game, you may legally do so in the park area immediately outside the rink as long as you are not in a roadway.
  • REMEMBER – DON’T ARGUE WITH THE REFS: They are there to officiate the game according to JAHA and USA Hockey rules, maintain order, and ensure everyone’s safety. If a penalty is called on you, head directly to the penalty box. If you disagree with a call, wait until immediately after the game and calmly bring it up with the ref. If you cannot do this and/or still disagree, please contact JAHA and we can get in touch with the Juneau Hockey Officials (JHO) board on your behalf. Any abuse of officials, including swearing – even if not directed at a specific person – can result in at least a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and can escalate to a game misconduct, which carries an automatic one game suspension imposed by USA Hockey.
  • PLAYOFFS: The Winter 2017 playoff schedule is ATTACHED to this announcement! That’s right, the playoff schedule is being released even before the season starts, which may very well be a JAHA first. We are aware that some of the games fall during the high school’s spring break, which may conflict with travel plans. Our schedule is driven by the rink’s schedule and unfortunately, this timing is unavoidable. We hope you understand! The championship games for all tiers will be held on APRIL 2nd.
  • INTRO TO HOCKEY: JAHA is offering another Intro to Hockey class starting on January 18th! If you are new to the sport or know someone who is thinking about playing, it’s $60 for four 1-hour sessions led by some of JAHA’s best. You can register by following the directions here !

Lastly, we are always interested in your feedback. If you have a few minutes to take a very brief survey, we’d really appreciate if you’d click here and answer a few questions for us. We take all input very seriously and do what we can to improve the association for all.

Thank you all for your participation in making JAHA the best adult hockey association in the world, as voted by us! Looking forward to a great season on the ice.

See you out there.

— Commissioner Soza

The document Winter 2017 Playoff Schedule was attached to this post.


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