Holiday Jamboree!

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Nov 27 2014 at 10:47AM PST in Holiday 2014

After an exciting Fall 2014 season (congrats to tier champs Island Pub, Thane, Rendezvous, White Pass, and Good Hardware!), it’s time for a little break. For those who are in town and want to help make room in your calorie count for all sorts of holiday treats, the Holiday Jamboree is here.

Just a couple of notes – Eagle Beach and Douglas Huskies may at some point become Mendenhall Valley and Bleau Chunks, respectively, but the site may not be updated to reflect this, so don’t worry if your team name doesn’t match up!

Also, to help with figuring out who goes to what locker rooms, team numbers are as follows:

1 – Killer Whales
2 – Thane
3 – Eagle Beach
4 – White Pass
5 – Douglas Huskies

Happy holidays to all, see you on the ice.

- Commissioner Soza


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