Tournament Rules Reminder

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Nov 10 2014 at 02:36PM PST in Fall 2014

As playoffs have begun, please take a moment to review Section E of JAHA’s rules dealing with tournaments. JAHA’s rules can be accessed by clicking the “JAHA Rules” link on the lefthand side of the page or by following this link:

In a nutshell, JAHA’s tournament rules are:

- No player substitutions except for goalies.
- If a game is tied after regulation time has elapsed, a 5 minute, 5-on-5 overtime period shall be played.
- If a game remains tied after the overtime period, a shootout shall determine the winner.
- A shootout shall be best-of-3, with each team selecting 3 shooters to participate.
- If the game remains tied after the best-of-3 rounds, then more rounds of shooters shall take shots until there’s a winner.
- No shooter may shoot again until everyone else has taken a shot.
- A shootout may not end until both teams have taken the same number of shots.


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