Winter Season

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Jan 08 2014 at 04:48PM PST in Winter 2014

Winter season teams and schedule have been created. Click on your tier in the navigation bar above to view the teams, schedule, and stats for your tier. A quick reference schedule is also attached to this post.

Individual team pages have been created and games scheduled on the website. These pages are where you’ll go to find stats, information on upcoming games, and contact your teammates through the site. The site has the ability to set up RSVP’s for games, so if you’re not going to make it to a game, you can indicate that with a single click. You may also be interested in the TeamPages app, which will give you all of your team(s) information in one place. It’s all up to how many or how few of the features you want to use.

Thanks much for your patience as we worked through team creation and scheduling. Every season is different and this one proved that. This is the first season in many years that there have been 5 women’s teams, which is a really great thing to see. Tier A will be very high level play and with the comeback of full slapshots, very fun to watch. B tier looks to be even faster and more competitive than last season and Tier C is poised to send a new batch of players into the intermediate tier next season, making room for some rookies. And last, but certainly not least, Tier 40+ looks just as fun as always.

The first games are on January 12th, so start digging out that smelly gear you stashed away in November and get ready. See you on the ice!

— Commissioner Soza

The document Winter 2014 Schedule was attached to this post.


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