We want to hear from YOU regarding Livebarn, Teampages, and ACTIVE!

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Feb 06 2024 at 09:11PM PST

Hello JAHA members,

Throughout the season, we’ve received a few comments from some of our members (you) about the use of Livebarn, Teampages, and Active. We are trying to solicit some more opinions from the rest of you about these topics so we, as a board, can look into additional options or modifications to the current status quo regarding these services. Please find the survey link below and additional information about our three areas of interest. Please note that responses are limited to one per email address so we can verify respondents are JAHA members.


Livebarn is a recording system that the Treadwell rink had put in that allows anyone with a membership to the Livebarn service to log in and both stream the current activity as well as load replays of previous games played. The service actually allows you to stream content from any rink with Livebarn installed. JAHA, as an organization, can ask the rink to place limitations on which of these events are streamed, recorded, or broadcast. We as a board have some mixed opinions about this as we find it quite useful for reviewing controversial incidents that we receive reports on, some of our members who have access to the service may enjoy rewatching their games or sharing their games with others who have the service, and we also recognize some may not appreciate being recorded or used as a product without access to the service. Please make sure to share any thoughts you have on the survey link provided at the bottom!


Teampages has been JAHA’s platform of choice for hosting Teams, Schedules, and results/stats from played games. For the most part, the platform has been quite serviceable. However we’ve definitely noticed an increasing number of complaints from users having trouble accessing teams, rosters, and other glitches in general. We would like to get a wider range of opinions on the Teampages site.


ACTIVE is the parent company that the Teampages platform exists under. In addition to that, they are technically the host of JAHA’s domain( and finally they host our registration system that we use for signing players up for most of our JAHA related activities. Recently there have been several controversies with this company and we’ve received several complaints from members and we, as a board, are actively looking for other, better platforms to use . We actively try and warn people not to accidentally register for the advertised ACTIVE products while signing up for our services and they’ve actually faced lawsuits for this very thing. We would like to get a better idea of the experience of the average JAHA user while using their registration system to sign up for JAHA.

For those of you who made it this far, thank you, and as always please feel free to email us at with any thoughts or comments you may have!


-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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