A quick reminder about JAHA and Rink policies you should be following

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Oct 23 2023 at 04:04PM PDT in Fall 2023

Hello JAHA,

As we are most of the way through the regular season, and after receiving a few comments from both our members and the rink staff, now seems like a great time to share a few reminders about JAHA and Rink policies that all players should be following:

1) Sportsmanship and Abuse of Officials: JAHA has clear policies regarding both sportsmanship and abuse of officials. We expect all of our members to follow these rules and the board has issued supplementary discipline in the past against players who don’t adhere to them. Please see the relevant JAHA rules regarding this:


JAHA promotes good, clean, fair, and fun competition in a family environment and expects its members to promote these values as well. All players are encouraged to participate in the hand shake line after each game.

Use of foul and vulgar language during a game, in the locker room, in the stands, or elsewhere on facility grounds is unacceptable. Players are responsible for their family and guests during JAHA sanctioned events and may be disciplined or penalized for their actions or words. Inappropriate language or conduct towards a referee, off-ice official, or JAHA Board member may result in disciplinary action against the player as determined by the JAHA Board. Problems or issues with other players should be addressed to the JAHA Board in writing.

Physical or verbal abuse of on- or off-ice officials at any time by a JAHA player will not be tolerated. Any player assessed a match penalty for abuse of an official under USA Hockey Rule 601(f) shall be suspended for a minimum of 10 games and may be subject to further disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the JAHA Board.

In addition to JAHA rules, USA hockey also has very clear rules in the area of abuse of officials:

USA hockey rule 601: Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

(a) A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be assessed to any player who commits the
following actions:

1. Challenges or disputes the rulings of any official.
2. Taunts or incites an opponent.
3. Creates a disturbance during the game.
4. Shoots the puck after the whistle, if in the opinion of the Official such shot was avoidable.
USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy

A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (zero tolerance) shall be assessed whenever a player:

1) Openly disputes or argues any decision by an official.
2) Uses obscene or vulgar language at any time, including any swearing, even if it is not
directed at a particular person.
3) Visually demonstrates any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision. Any time that a
player persists in any of these actions, they shall be assessed a misconduct penalty. A game
misconduct shall result if the player continues such action

As outlined in our rules, players who have any unaddressed issues with other JAHA players should submit it, in writing, to the board. This can be done via email at

2) Locker Room Keys: Players can obtain, and need to return, locker room keys from the front desk for each locker room for each game. They should not be exchanged between groups as the rink keeps track of these keys and thus they need to be returned to the front desk after each game.

Thank you all for adhering to these policies!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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