2023 JAHA Board of Directors and Bylaw Modification Election Update!

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on May 06 2023 at 08:54PM PDT in Winter 2023

Hello JAHA,

Our election has concluded and we have the results! Below are the results from the 2023 election:

Andrew DImond: 89 votes 97.80%
Aaron Surma: 1 vote 1.10%
Jason Elledge: 1 vote 1.10%

Andrew Dimond wins the President seat.

Member at Large A:
Michelle Drummond: 48 votes 55.81%
Tyler Ferrin: 21 votes 24.42%
Eric Moots: 17 votes 19.77%

Michelle Drummond wins the Member at Large A seat.

Ana Enge: 89 votes 100.00%

Ana Enge wins the Secretary seat.

Tier A Representative:
Zane Chapman: 85 votes 97.70%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.15%
Jason Elledge: 1 vote 1.15%

Zane Chapman wins the Tier A rep. seat.

Tier B Representative:
Amelia Hanrahan: 84 votes 98.82%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Amelia Hanrahan wins the Tier B seat.

Tier C Representative:
Jonathan Dale: 83 votes 98.81%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.19%

Jonathan Dale wins the Tier C rep. seat.

Tier D Representative:
Nathan Ploof: 84 votes 98.82%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Nathan Ploof wins the Tier D rep. seat.

Tier 35+ Representative:
Chris Coutu: 82 votes 97.62%
Claire Baldwin: 1 vote 1.19%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.19%

Chris Coutu wins the Tier 35+ rep. seat.

Tier Womens Representative:
Katherine Cornelius: 81 votes 95.29%
Myria Shakespeare: 3 votes 3.54%
Ben Collman: 1 vote 1.18%

Katherine Cornelius wins the Tier women rep. seat.

Approval of Bylaw Modification:

Yes – I APPROVE: 88 votes 97.78%
No – I REJECT: 2 votes 2.22%

The bylaw modification is approvated.

Your 2023-2024 Board of directors are as follows:
President – Andrew Dimond
Vice President – Matthew Reece
Member at large A – Michelle Drummond
Member at large B – Aaron Surma
Registrar – Thomas McKenzie
Treasurer – Adam Bryan
Secretary – Ana Enge
Tier A Rep – Zane Chapman
Tier B Rep – Amelia Hanrahan
Tier C Rep – Jon Dale
Tier D Rep – Nathan Ploof
Tier W Rep – Katherine Cornelius
Tier 35+ Rep – Chris Coutu

Thank you to everyone who ran, and to those of you who actually scrolled all the way to the bottom of this update!

We look forward to bringing you another great season of hockey starting next fall!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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