JAHA Board of Directors Election Update

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Apr 27 2023 at 03:12PM PDT in Winter 2023

Hello all,

You should have received an email from ElectionBuddy inviting you to vote on the JAHA board of directors and bylaw amendment if you were an active JAHA member this season (fall/jamboree/winter seasons). The election will be open from now until next Thursday at noon. We will also have a laptop set up to help anyone who needs assistance to vote at the banquet this weekend.

I wanted to highlight one small clarification. The subject line of the email indicates it is a test ballot. However, the text in the email indicates that it’s the real ballot. The subject is incorrect, it is the real ballot. So please vote!

If you did not receive this email, and believe you should have, please reach out to us at Please note you are only eligible to vote if you were an active JAHA member this season


-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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