Late Registration Update

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Jan 12 2023 at 01:30PM PST in Winter 2023

Hello JAHA!

For those of you who signed up, Winter 2023 season is underway and you should be getting on the ice if you haven’t already! For those of you who haven’t, this email is for you.

We have space remaining in the following tiers if you are still interested in signing up: B-Tier, C-Tier, Women’s Tier. There are around 5 spaces available in each tier so if you were on the fence about doing multiple tiers, or were on the fence about signing up, you still can for these tiers!

We also have space available in Intro to Hockey. While we reserve this space for beginners, if there is space remaining, we also open it up to the step-above-beginner player who is just looking for a little more ice time for practice. We have 2 groups of skaters, beginners and step-above-beginners that run coached drills. So if you fit any of these descriptions and want some extra ice time, feel free to sign up! We also offer goalie coaching as well for all skill levels. Sessions start on the 18th.

All registration will remain open through January 23rd.

Thanks, and see you on the ice! As always, we can be reached at with questions.

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President.


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