A few notes about registration

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Nov 24 2021 at 01:54PM PST in Fall 2021

Hi All,

As we had a few issues with this in the fall season and as people are signing up for winter season I wanted to make people aware of a few things when they sign up

1) You do not need to pay for an Active Refund. As JAHA, we offer refunds for pretty much any reason you might request, so there is no need to spend your money for an Active refund. This is offered through Active and we have no control over it but as we offer refunds there is no reason to purchase this

2) You may be prompted to sign up for Active Advantage after registering. Again, this is another product offered by Active specifically and it has 0 application towards JAHA. The screen will pop up after confirming your JAHA order and you do NOT need to sign up for this. Simply click no thanks. Please see the attached photo.

Unfortunately these offers are the price we pay to use the Active platform but we wanted to make our members aware of them. If for some reason you have signed up unwittingly you can go through Active customer support to get a refund. If you need help with that process feel free to reach out to us at

Final reminder that registration for Holiday Jamboree ends this Friday November 26

Thanks and see you on the ice!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President


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