New rule will be in place starting 10/17/21

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Oct 17 2021 at 04:47PM PDT in Fall 2021

Hello JAHA,

The 10-day comment period for the proposed rule change has expired and the rule received mostly positive feedback. Given that, the board has decided not to repeal or modify the rule in any way and will be going forward with it in place. It ill be enforced starting tonight (Sunday October 17th) with the 4pm game.

See the new rule text below if you missed it in the previous announcement.

Best Regards,

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA president

6. Equipment

In addition to all equipment required by USA hockey rules, JAHA will also require masks be correctly worn in any circumstances where city or rink policy dictates. On-ice violations of this requirement will be subject to the same penalties that USA hockey equipment violations receive; which includes one warning first to each team before issuing misconduct penalties to individual players. Players may be found in violation of this rule by an official at any time while they are on the ice, however warnings/penalties will only be issued during stoppages in play. Off-ice violations of this policy (benches, locker rooms, and common areas) will be addressed by the board on a case-by-case basis and players found repeatedly in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline by the JAHA board as outlined in rules B1 (Sportsmanship) and B4 (Facility Rules). Penalties for off ice violations may range from warnings up to suspensions or bans.


2021-10-17T17:08:19.000-07:00October 17 2021, at 05:08 PM PDT, JESSICA WINKER said:

FYI Even the CBJ amended their newest ordinance to include the following exemption to masks, see part D “exceptions”. “(7) Individuals who are exercising, if mask wearing would interfere with their breathing.”