A reminder about masking and other rink policies

Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Oct 03 2021 at 01:01PM PDT in Fall 2021

Hello JAHA players,

With our first week of games behind us I wanted to send out a reminder about facility policies as we’ve received a few comments about it from both players and rink staff:

1) Masks are required 100% of the time while in the Treadwell Arena. This includes the main lobby, locker rooms, and on the ice! We all need to ensure we are following this policy if we want JAHA to have continued access to the facility. As an additional reminder, if you have friends or family come to spectate the game, please ensure they are following this policy as well, as you are responsible for their actions when inside the facility, per JAHA rules (B.1 – Sportsmanship).

2) Locker rooms are only available for 15-20 minutes before/after the game. The intent is that players come partially dressed as locker rooms are intended to be co-ed for this season. Again, no shower or toilet/sink access will be available.

3) We haven’t run into this issue yet, but if you were exposed to a Covid-19 positive skate, the current recommendations as provided by the rink/Alaska Division of Public Health are to get tested 3-5 days after exposure. To schedule a free test, please call 586-6000, register online, or call your primary health care provider. Testing is recommended, but not required. You do not need to quarantine. If you have developed signs/symptoms of COVID-19 in the past few days, please get tested immediately. You may return to your regular scheduled ice sessions if you have received a negative COVID-19 test or not developed any symptoms. Please be sure the skater/s who tested positive for COVID, do not come to rink until cleared by public health.

As a final reminder, I’d just like to stress again how important it is to follow the masking policy if we want to continue using the rink facility. It’s a group effort and I know masking on the ice has been very lax as it makes it very difficult to play. However it is rink policy and we need to follow it. We (the board) are working on developing a way to properly enforce this but, in the mean time we ask that you as the JAHA players please do your part and mask up.

See you on the ice!

-Andrew Dimond, JAHA President


2021-10-06T18:44:49.000-07:00October 06 2021, at 06:44 PM PDT, Taylor Snure said:

To whom this may concern,

Below I have attached an article from the World Health Organization. The article states that a mask must/should NOT be worn during physical activity.

Should I wear a mask while exercising?
Even when you’re in an area of COVID-19 transmission, masks should not be worn during vigorous physical activity because of the risk of reducing your breathing capacity. No matter how intensely you exercise, keep at least 1 metre away from others, and if you’re indoors, make sure there is adequate ventilation.

-Taylor Snure