Proposed Rule Changes & Rink Updates

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Sep 05 2019 at 06:39PM PDT in Fall 2019

As the season approaches, we need to inform you of a change to how locker rooms are handled at the rink and present you with proposed changes to JAHA’s internal rules.

To help prevent vandalism and ensure the safety of folks’ belongings at the rink, locker room doors will be kept locked going forward. This is standard practice at many rinks outside of Juneau.

As you show up for games, the first arriving player for your team will need to trade their car keys to check out the key for your team’s assigned locker room. It is your responsibility to keep the locker room locked while you are on the ice and to lock it as you exit. If the player who turned in their car keys isn’t the last one to leave, they can trade their keys for another player’s at the front desk. The idea is to minimize the risk that the locker room key goes home with someone. Again, this is standard practice for many rinks outside of Juneau.

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know at

See the document linked to this announcement for the full text of the proposed rule changes described below. The rule change process is pretty straightforward: we are presenting these proposed changes out to you, our members, for your thoughts and feedback. You have until September 15th to consider these proposed changes and get any questions, suggestions, or concerns to us at If a proposed rule needs more work or simply doesn’t have support, the JAHA Board will either revise and restart the 10 day notice period or withdraw the proposed rule altogether. Each of these proposed rules were voted on independently, so if one rule doesn’t appear to have support, that doesn’t stop the others from going forward.

Please review the attached document so you are fully informed of the proposed changes! In a nutshell, the proposed changes are:

  • Allow full slapshots instead of waist-high only slapshots in Co-Ed Tier B. (They are already allowed in Co-Ed Tier A.)
  • Revise the way we verify eligible players to move away from stickers and instead rely on a list of current players available to the on- and off-ice officials and pre-populate scoresheets with JAHA-vetted roster labels.
  • Move from a four week roster freeze date to a four game roster freeze date to ensure teams have played an equal number of games, allowing for a more even comparison when looking at trading players to maintain competitive parity.

The timing of this notice does mean that these rules will become effective after a handful of games have been played. We will work with JHO to ensure they are applied at the correct date.

Note regarding the elimination of helmet stickers: Because this is a marked efficiency and actually improves the ability of officials to verify players quickly, we did not order new helmet stickers for this season and so none will be distributed. Instead, we will begin piloting the official player list immediately and make it available to officials at the beginning of the season. The rule change will simply formalize this test period.

Again, please send any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns to by September 15th to ensure your voice is heard on these proposed changes.

Thank you all for being a part of JAHA and we’ll see you on the ice soon!

— Commissioner Soza

The document Proposed_Rule_Changes_9.5.19.pdf was attached to this post.


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