Winter '18 Kickoff

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Jan 06 2018 at 11:14PM PST in Winter 2018

Happy New Year JAHA Players,

The new year brings us a new season of hockey – which also just happens to be JAHA’s 15th anniversary! Can you believe JAHA has been making organized adult hockey happen in Alaska’s capital city for a decade and a half? Feels like just yesterday we were all waiting for cold snaps to get our hockey fix…

We hope to make this season just as awesome as always and we’re incredibly stoked to have record numbers of registrants coming out to hit the ice! As always, there are some housekeeping duties to be done before the games start, so please take a moment to read the below and if you have any questions at all, let us know:

  • STICKER STICKLERS: All players who skated in the Fall season should have received a “JAHA 17/18” sticker to place on your helmet. If you did not play in the Fall season (or played and didn’t get a sticker for some reason) – they will be made available to tier/team reps at your first games. Be sure to get one, they are required to ensure quick identification of registered JAHA players during games. PLEASE REMOVE ALL OTHER JAHA STICKERS FROM YOUR HELMET – except for the current sticker.
  • BE A SPORT, EH? We’ve heard some disturbing tales of poor sportsmanship during games. Remember, this is adult recreational hockey and we are all just here to get some exercise and have fun playing a team sport we love. Foul/vulgar actions or language are lame and bring everyone down, not to mention can result in disciplinary actions up to and including suspension. Please be respectful to each other out there, keep calm, and do your best to maintain control of your words and actions.
  • RULES, RULES, RULES: In addition to USA Hockey rules that apply to all JAHA games, JAHA has its own set of rules that are also enforced. Any disciplinary actions called for in JAHA’s rules, like suspensions, are in addition to any USA Hockey actions. Take some time to be familiar with both sets of rules before the season starts.
  • A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS: Well, a figurative penny, but a penny nonetheless. If you have some feedback for us, please visit our survey and let us know. The only way we can get better is if we know where the weaknesses are and the best source for that information is YOU! Our survey can be found at:
  • SPONSORED JERSEYS: A big shoutout is due to all the individuals, organizations, and companies who’ve helped us out by sponsoring a set of jerseys. Sponsors purchase, store, and maintain the jerseys for JAHA, which reduces our storage and laundering needs, which is incredibly helpful. Thanks to our sponsors, Coed Tiers A, B, and C are now completely sponsored and we have a few more in Tier D, Tier 40, and Women’s. THANK YOU ISLAND PUB, LOUIE’S, CARPENTERS LOCAL 1281, RICK DRISCOLL (Driscoll’s Dugout), KENSINGTON, THUNDER MOUNTAIN DRYWALL, SHAW DENTAL, BILL CAMPBELL (Douglas Whalers), ALASKA AIRLINES, COEUR ALASKA, JUNEAU SNOWMOBILE CLUB, JASON LOVE (Salmon Creek Steelheads), HECLA GREENS CREEK, SEARHC, and JOE GELDHOF (10th Mountain Division). Interested in sponsoring a team in Tiers D, 40+, or Women’s? Please shoot us an email at and we’ll work with you on colors and sources.

That’s all! If there’s still something you have a question about, check out the Frequently Asked Questions link over in the left menu or get in touch with us using the Contact Us link in the top menu.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing you on the ice!

— Commissioner Soza


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