Reminder: JAHA Jerseys!

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Nov 19 2017 at 02:49PM PST in Fall 2017

Please remember to turn in your JAHA jersey(s) to your team rep, tier rep, or any member of the JAHA board! Today would be a great day to bring your JAHA jersey to the rink if you still have one or more in your possession – championship games start at 4pm and run till 9pm.

Turning in your JAHA jerseys now helps give us time to sort, launder, and re-package for the Jamboree and Winter seasons.

This only applies to the JAHA jerseys noted below. All others are sponsored jerseys and appropriate representatives will arrange for pickup of those:

Tier C – Comets
Tier C – Winnipeg Rifles

Tier D – Thane

Women – Eagle Beach
Women – Shamrocks
Women – Treadwell

Tier 40 – 10th Mountain Division
Tier 40 – Bleau Chunks
Tier 40 – Dupont

Thank you for your help!


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