JAHA March Madness

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Mar 18 2017 at 06:28PM PDT in Winter 2017

Attention JAHA players,


It’s been an exciting season with a bunch of end-of-season ties and very close rankings. Nice work all!

The first playoff games have been scheduled and we will attempt to update the schedule as games are won and lost, but you can always refer to the playoff schedule linked here.

(If you’re wondering why the site has tied teams ranked one way and the scheduled games have it another – JAHA rules have “head-to-head wins” as the first tie breaker, which is different from how the site breaks ties. So if two teams are tied, we look at who won more games between those two games and that team becomes the higher seeded team.)


  • JERSEYS: If you have JAHA jerseys (Tier W and 40) and your team is eliminated, be sure to leave your jersey with your team representative or make sure it makes it back to a JAHA board member. If you’re going to miss games where your team faces elimination, it’s best to leave your jersey with someone just in case. Thanks in advance for helping us out with this.
  • RULES: Playoff hockey means OT and shootouts! Remember, overtime periods are 5 minute run time and are sudden death – the first goal scored in the OT period wins. If it remains a tie, we go to a shootout. A NEW rule for this season is that after everyone on your team has attempted a shot, anyone on your team may take any number of consecutive shot attempts until a winner is declared! Be familiar with all the rules by clicking here.
  • PLAY SMART: Competition can get us all worked up, but be sure to keep cool, play smart, keep your head up and your stick down. If you’re called for a penalty, go straight to the box. If you have a question about the call, calmly ask a ref about it between periods or after the game OR let a JAHA board member know.
  • BANQUET: The end-of-the-season banquet is scheduled for the evening of April 14th at the Red Dog Saloon! Remember, this is where you vote for your JAHA board members. This year, the following positions are up: President, Secretary, Member-at-Large A, and all tier representative positions. If you are interested in serving the JAHA membership, this is a great way to do it! If you’d like to know more about the responsibilities and desired qualifications for each of the positions, you can find descriptions in the JAHA bylaws and if you’re interested in running, please send an email indicating which position you’d like to run for and a short description of how you meet the minimum qualifications or responsibilities, as applicable, to

That’s all!

Have fun out there and we’ll see you on the ice.

— Commissioner Soza


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