The Big Dance, Fall 2016

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Nov 01 2016 at 04:06PM PDT in Fall 2016

Alright JAHA – the time has come to prove yourself: the playoffs are here.

Rankings are set and the first round of games have been scheduled. Subsequent games will be scheduled as results are known, but keep an eye on the previously-posted schedule to make sure you don’t miss any action!

Before you cue up your favorite inspirational hockey movie and hit the ice in beast mode, a few important playoff reminders:

  • CONFUSION AND ERRATA: The playoff schedule lists Tier C Game 1 as happening after Tier C Game 2. This is correct. However, the schedule also lists the Women’s Tier championship game as happening on “Friday, 11/20/2016.” This is incorrect and should say “Sunday, 11/20/2016.” The Women’s Tier championship game is on the same day as all other tiers’ championships.
  • WE DON’T WANT NO SUBS: JAHA rules do not allow any player substitutions during playoffs except for goalies. Make sure to rally your team!
  • DON’T. GET. ELIMINATED: The tournament is double elimination except for the championship game.
  • AIN’T NO WIN-WIN HERE: If a playoff game ends in a tie, it goes to a 5 minute run time, sudden death OT period. If the game remains tied, it will go to a best-of-3 shootout. If still tied, both teams will continue shootout rounds until there is a winner. No player may shoot twice until all players have taken a shot.
  • FOR THE LOVE OF HOCKEY, DON’T ARGUE WITH THE REFS: They are there to officiate the game according to JAHA and USA Hockey rules, maintain order, and ensure everyone’s safety. If a penalty is called on you, head directly to the penalty box. If you disagree with a call, wait until immediately after the game and calmly bring it up with the ref. If you cannot do this and/or still disagree, please contact JAHA and we can get in touch with the Juneau Hockey Officials (JHO) board on your behalf. Any abuse of officials, including swearing – even if not directed at a specific person – can result in at least a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and can escalate to a game misconduct, which carries an automatic one game suspension imposed by USA Hockey.
  • GIVE US THE JAHA SWEATER OFF YOUR BACK: If your team is eliminated and you have JAHA jerseys, be sure to turn them in to your team representative! If you know you will miss games and your team may be eliminated in the interim, leave your jersey with someone you trust who can turn it in on your behalf. If you’re unsure who your team representative is, get your jersey(s) to your tier rep. All tier reps can be found on the Board of Directors page. We need to sort, launder, and get them ready for the Holiday season, so getting them to us as quickly as possible really helps!
  • ACT LIKE A CHAMPION, RESPECT THE TROPHIES: If you win your tier’s championship game, head over to the Island Pub and politely ask if they’ll grab your tier’s trophy from over the bar. If you ask really nicely, they may even give it a good rinse and throw in a frosty beverage of your choice so you can sip from the cup and taste victory. When you’re done passing the trophy around, snapping selfies with it, and have had your evening of Stanley Cup-like celebrations, please make sure the trophy makes it back to the bar, preferably with a gracious tip for being kind enough to have donated the trophies to JAHA and storing them for us year-round. That’s what champions do! (In no case should any of the trophies leave the Island Pub!)

Above all, go out, skate hard, have fun, win humbly, and lose graciously. We’ll see you on the ice next season.

— Commissioner Soza


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