JAHA Reminders

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Sep 05 2016 at 12:44PM PDT in Fall 2016

The first day of Fall 2016 games are in the books and, as usual, there are just a few reminders:

  • SCORESHEETS. When teams arrive at the rink, one team needs to make sure to grab a scoresheet from the front desk and fill it in, then get it to the other team to complete. When scoresheets don’t get filled in until warmups (or later), it cuts into the allotted ice time, which usually means the game will need to switch to run time instead of stop time.
  • GETTING ON THE ICE. JAHA players may not get on the ice surface until it has been cleared by the refs. This allows the refs the time and space to do their job of making sure the ice is safe and ready for play and allows the ice to setup smoothly.
  • GOALIE JERSEYS. JAHA goalies must wear a jersey in mainly the same color as the team they are playing for. In certain situations, such as when a goalie is subbing at the last minute from a previous game, this may be difficult – it may be possible however to turn a jersey inside out for a lighter color or to borrow a jersey from another player.
  • STICKERS. ONE STICKER PER HELMET. Multiple stickers make it very difficult to determine who is a registered JAHA player at a glance. If you have past seasons’ stickers on your helmet, please remove them or cover them so that only the current blue stickers are showing.

Thanks all for your help in getting the 2016-2017 season off to a great start – the first games showed a little bit of summer rust being shaken off the blades, but overall looked pretty good! With better attendance as the summer wraps up and getting back into hockey shape, this looks like it will be a competitive season across the board.

See you on the ice!

— Commissioner Soza


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