2016 Fall Season

Posted by JAHA Webmaster on Sep 04 2016 at 10:16AM PDT in Fall 2016

You’ve been waiting for it all summer – dreaming of dark nights spent under the bright lights of Treadwell Arena, breaking out the sweet toe drag move that gets the goalie out of position, leaving you a wide open net to score the game winner late in the third period. Even the fan in the bleachers looks away from their phone for a split second, admiring the dedication you’ve shown to hockey in Juneau.

The time is now.

Games start TONIGHT. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to lay out all your gear and make sure you have everything (and clean off any mold if you haven’t looked at your gear since last season). Be sure to stretch at least a little bit before you hit the ice. Also, here are some important season kick-off reminders:

  • WEBSITE! You should have already received an e-mail invitation to your team. Accepting this invitation allows you to send and receive messages to your teammates, indicate your attendance at games, and ties into the TeamPages smartphone app that will sync your game schedule to your calendar. If you can’t find the e-mail invitation – the subject will be “Check out our new team website” – check your spam or junk folder first, then let us know at
  • STICKERS! Please only have ONE sticker visible on the REAR of your helmet. You can stack stickers if you wish, but it’s likely best to remove old stickers before placing the new one on. Multiple stickers cause confusion.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS! Remember, from within your own tier are allowed without permission from the opposing team only in COED tiers. In Women’s and 40+, approval is always required given the mixed-skill nature of these tiers. Also, it goes without saying, but women are only allowed to substitute in Women’s tier and those aged 40 or over are allowed in 40+. (A recent board decision interprets “aged 40” as those turning 40 during the season.)
  • JERSEYS! Your JAHA Vice President, Treasurer, and Tier and Team Reps spend a tremendous amount of time and personal effort working distributing team jerseys at the beginning of the season and collecting them at the end so they can be inventoried and laundered for the next season’s players. We are still losing jerseys each season and WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please make sure that when you take a JAHA jersey, you sign it out on the sheet provided in your team’s bin. Jerseys that you sign out become your responsibility and failure to turn it in could mean not being allowed to play future JAHA games. If you know that you will miss your team’s last game, please make sure that your jersey is returned to a JAHA Board Member. Jerseys turned in to rink staff are not guaranteed to make it back to JAHA.
  • TEAM SPONSORS! Know a company that would be interested in a great form of marketing? Sponsorship of a team means not only on-ice advertising when the team is playing, but the logo will appear on the site, and if the team wins their tier championship, the logo and team name will appear on the JAHA dasher board at the rink the following year. Additional sponsorship opportunities on the website are available as well. Please contact us at for more information.
  • There is a Frequently Asked Questions page that provides answers and resources to help understand how JAHA works and why we do what we do. You can check it out by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link on the left.
  • It’s very important to be familiar with both USA Hockey’s rules and JAHA’s supplemental rules. You can find USA Hockey’s rules by clicking here and you can find JAHA’s rules here.
  • The most important rules? Don’t fight, don’t argue with the referees (there is zero tolerance for physical or verbal abuse of officials), and make sure your helmet has at least a half-shield attached to it.
  • JAHA’s bylaws govern how your association is run and how you can participate, you can find those here.

Now, put your game face on and watch some YouTube highlight reels.

It’s about to get real.

— Commissioner Soza


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