Posted by Juneau Adult Hockey Association on Sep 06 2015 at 12:07PM PDT in Fall 2015

It’s finally here – JAHA games begin today at 4pm!

As you start your day getting into the zone, here are a few important reminders about the upcoming season:

  • Beginning this season, half shield visors at a minimum are required for ALL tiers. Referees will ask you to leave the ice if you have no face protection. If you haven’t yet gotten a visor, you may want to see about borrowing one in the meantime!
  • Stickers and JAHA jerseys will be distributed by your tier and team representatives. If you are on a team that is wearing a JAHA-issued jersey, you will be required to sign out your jersey before you will get a sticker indicating your eligibility to play.
  • Stickers must be affixed to the back of your helmet in the center to make it as easy as possible for on-ice officials to confirm your eligibility.
  • As usual, fighting will NOT be tolerated and will result in a mandatory suspension per JAHA rules.
  • Substituting up to 4 players from the same or lower tier is allowed to bring your team to a total of 9 players without needing the opposing team’s approval in Co-Ed tiers. In Women’s and 40+, opposing team approval is required due to the mixed-skill nature of the tiers. No approval is required for goalie substitutions in any tier.

That’s it for the reminders, now get back to your game day diet and meditation.

See you on the ice!

— Commissioner Soza


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