B Tier Hockey Season Start, Comments, and Registration

Posted by Tier B on Sep 01 2022 at 04:40PM PDT

B Tier Jaha members,

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder to be courteous of your teammates and opponents skill levels and overall hockey experience. B tier is a competitive tier and has come to include a very wide range of skill levels, especially in light of the last few years of combined tiers due to Covid. B Tier is generally set up for players who didn’t grow up playing the sport, or players who have taken a step down from a more competitive A tier. We as a hockey community are trying to encourage new players to move up through the ranks, and eventually fill in higher tiers of skill, but it takes time for those players to develop new skills when they make the jump up in difficulty. For those of you who are more skilled than a typical B level player, please try to play to the benefit of the tiers natural skill level. We may ask players who dominate or control the outcome of their game to step up a tier to keep the game fun for those making fresh steps into B tier. We also have a 40+ (35+) tier for those who want to play in a non-competitive tier.

Games start next week on Tuesday, September 6th! You should have an email to accept a team invitation, which is an easy way to get your full season schedule. If you are missing the email, login to teampages, click on the envelope icon on the top right of the screen, click on notifications, and accept the invite. Playoffs are scheduled November 8th through November 20th.

There are still roster spots available in B tier, so if you know people on the fence, tell them to sign up! There are also limited roster spots available in all tiers at this time if you want to encourage people of various skill levels to play. 40+ is also open to 35+ this season in the interest of getting 3 solid teams put together.

Good luck this season, see you on the ice next week!

- Jeremy