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    Last day to register for JAHA!

    Hello Juneau Hockey Enthusiasts, Today i... read more 
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    Registration is open!

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Registration reminder and a small update!

by JAHA Webmaster, 2022-08-08T22:17:37.000-07:00August 08 2022, at 10:17 PM PDT

Hello all!
This is just a quick reminder that registration is still open and closes THIS FRIDAY! If you are planning to register, please make sure you give yourself a little bit of extra time as there is a delay between purchasing your USA hockey registration and the system recognizing your new hockey number that can take between 3 and 24 hours.
On a completely different note, during the past season we had offered several financial incentives to both referees who played for JAHA, and any active JAHA players who also agreed to coach intro to hockey or D-Tier. If you qualified for one of these finan... [more]
Past Announcements

Registration Is Fixed!

2022-07-29 09:55 PDT by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello All!
Thomas was able to get our registration issue resolved and you should be good to sign up! If you ... [more]

Registration Update - USA Hockey Error

2022-07-26 09:43 PDT by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello All,
So I’ve received a ton of emails about a new error that we haven’t had in the past.
“Your USA Hockey Number is not valid for this season”. If you ... [more]

2022/2023 Election Update / Board of Directors

2022-06-21 01:41 PDT by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello JAHA!
Apologies for the lateness of this update but due to travel/summer, I never got around to posting an update to the elections. The results for the 2022/2023 Elections were... [more]

Elections Update

2022-05-11 02:32 PDT by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hi All,
Slight delay on the ballot as we generate an email list. Expect to receive it before the end of the day. The election period will still be 7 full calendar days after ele... [more]

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