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Invalid USA Hockey Number Issue

by JAHA Webmaster, 2022-12-16T11:07:46.000-08:00December 16 2022, at 11:07 AM PST in Holiday 2022

Hello All,
I’ve received a lot of emails about this issue and wanted to send out a reminder. If you are trying to register today have just purchased your USA hockey registration, there can be fairly significant delay between when you purchase your registration and when Active’s system will recognize it as valid. If you try and sign up right after purchasing your USA hockey registration and get the “invalid USA hockey confirmation number” error, give it some time and try again. It’s never longer than 24 hours based on what I’ve seen. So if you are signing up today and need to purchase a USA hockey registrat... [more]
Past Announcements

Winter Registration Reminder and we still need a B-tier rep

2022-12-06 03:51 PST by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello JAHA,
It’s been a little while and we thought it would be a good time to remind you that winter registration is still open, but the deadline is approaching. Registration will b... [more]

Sunday Jamboree Games are postponed

2022-12-04 03:43 PST by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello Jamboree players,
I just received word from the rink that our Jamboree games for tonight have been canceled. Please help spread the word to players on your team. We will... [more]

Jamboree Teams and Schedule Posted

2022-12-01 01:12 PST by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello All,
The Jamboree teams and schedule have been uploaded! Please look everything over as a second set of eyes and if you catch anything that might not be right please reach out... [more]

Tier B is looking for a new Tier Rep

2022-11-15 12:40 PST (Fall 2022) by JAHA Webmaster (0 Comments)

Hello B Tier!
Your B-tier rep, Jeremy Shakespeare, has resigned from the board and we are looking for a volunteer to fill the vacancy! If you want to become more involved in helping ad... [more]


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