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Please click here to view rule changes for the upcoming season!

In summary:

- Late fees will be lowered for registrations that happen during the second half of the season from $75 to $35.
- A minimum of a half-shield visor is now required equipment in all tiers.

Please send an e-mail to with any comments no later than September 6th.


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It’s time to start dusting off your gear – the registration period for the 2015-2016 season HAS BEGUN! You have until August 21st, 25 days from today, to register for the upcoming JAHA Fall Season. You may also take this opportunity to register for the Holiday Jamboree and Winter Seasons.

Register early to avoid late fees and guarantee a spot on a team. Late registrations for the Fall season, those received after August 21st, will incur a $75 late fee and placement on a team for late registrants is subject to availability.

ALL PLAYERS WHO HAVE NOT TURNED IN THEIR JERSEY WILL BE ASSESSED A $50 FEE DUE UPON REGISTRATION. If you are still hanging on to a jersey from last year, please contact us to arrange its return prior to the end of the registration period. Players with outstanding fees may not play until the fees are paid in full.

Registration Fees

Fall Season, Sept – Nov
12 games + 2-3 playoff games
Skaters: $230 per tier
Goalies: $75
Intro to Hockey 2.0: $75 for 6 sessions

Holiday Jamboree, December
5-6 games
Skaters: $90
Goalies: $50

Winter Season, Jan – Apr
14 games + 2-3 playoff games
Skaters: $260 per tier
Goalies: $75

Save $20 by registering for multiple tiers/seasons at once!


JAHA will be offering Coed A/B/C/40+ tiers, a Women’s tier, and an Intro to Hockey series of classes. The final tier structure is subject to change depending on the number of players who register.

The Intro to Hockey 2.0 classes build on past Intro to Hockey classes and are an opportunity for beginner to intermediate players, both men and women, to gain and practice hockey skills. Classes will include stick handling and other hockey skills, positioning, and team play. Registrants will be expected to have at least basic skating, turning, and stopping skills.

The Holiday Jamboree will consist of 5-6 games in one coed mixed-skill tier. The gameplay may be 3-on-3 to 5-on-5 depending on the number of registrants. This season is a way to stay in hockey shape over the holidays and a chance for those returning home for the holidays to his the ice while they are in town. This season will not have a tournament or championship.

Important Notes

  • NEW RULES: There will be a new rule regarding Late Fees, $75 for late registrations during the first half of the season and $30 for late registration during the second half of the season, and a modification to the rules to require at least half-shield face protection for ALL TIERS to bring JAHA in line with other adult recreational hockey leagues around the country. Both of these rules will be posted at the rink to start the 10-day notice process before adoption.
  • Coaching: Are you interested in coaching a beginner team? Let us know! Coaching is a great way to share your hockey knowledge with those new to the sport and help them enjoy the game even more.
  • Jerseys: Do you have old JAHA jerseys hanging around? Take a look and if you do, let us know and we will arrange to collect them. ALL PLAYERS WHO HAVE NOT TURNED IN THEIR JERSEY WILL BE ASSESSED A $50 FEE DUE UPON REGISTRATION.
  • Survey: Keep an eye out for a JAHA survey! We appreciate your feedback and want to make JAHA the best it can be for you.

How to Register

Step 1 – USA Hockey Registration:

A USA Hockey registration number is required to register for JAHA. Register for USA Hockey here:

Step 2 – JAHA Registration:

When registering for JAHA, describe any special requests in the “Comments” section of the registration process.
If you are requesting to be placed on the same team as another player, please limit the request to TWO people and state the reason(s) why (e.g. carpool, family, friend). JAHA will attempt to honor all requests, but requests are not guaranteed.
Follow this link to register — if you are on the “POSITION” page and it is BLANK, click “PREVIOUS” and try again:

If you have any problems, please send an email to

Thank you all for being a part of JAHA!

Registration Starts July 27th!

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Stay tuned to your e-mails, JAHA’s Facebook page, and right here for details.

Registration will open Monday, July 27th and close Friday, August 21st. Don’t miss out!

2016-2017 JAHA Board

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Thanks to all who expressed interest in serving on the JAHA Board of Directors!

After tallying up the election results, our 2016-2017 JAHA Board is:

President – Jason Soza
Vice President – Rick Driscoll
Secretary – Michele Drummond
Treasurer – Christy Hartman
Registrar – Thomas Mckenzie
Member-at-Large – VACANT
Member-at-Large – Sarah Lowell
Tier A Representative – Chris Budbill
Tier B Representative – Jared Weems
Tier C Representative – Jake Quarstad
Women’s Tier Representative – Christine Woll
Tier 40+ Representative – Thomas Fletcher

Again, thanks to all who volunteered and those who were elected.

Have a great summer and see you on the ice in September!

Winter 2015 Champions

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Congratulations to all Winter 2015 Championship teams!

Tier A – Killer Whales
Tier B – Kensington Goaldminers
Tier C – Amalga Harbor
Women’s Tier – Douglas Huskies
Tier 40+ – Mendenhall Valley