2019-01-14T23:39:10.000-08:00January 14 2019, at 11:39 PM PST, Sylvan Robb said:

Hi Treadwell — I got caught in the fog on my way home from Fairbanks and find myself unexpectedly spending the night in SeaTac. Unfortunately, after not really sleeping tonight, I can’t stay up for our late game tomorrow. I swear, I’m normally a better teammate than this. I’m not super skilled, but I do show up. Which I will as soon as I make it back to town. Good luck!

2018-09-02T15:43:27.000-07:00September 02 2018, at 03:43 PM PDT, Elanor Watts said:

Hello! I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make this first game. Good luck! I’ll be at the next one!